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From and living in Edinburgh, love the city! Working away and still trying to play the tunes in the clubs. I started many years ago in CC's and worked my way from there to Mood with Polysuper before finishing with James Longworth and Vibe at Ego, Mood and GHQ!

Along the way I worked with various nights including Drama, On Request and many more. Now working at the Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh.


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Well, when it says latest, it's mixes going back to 2014. I do update this about once or twice a year. All mixes are currently streaming only, but I will get a download option on here as soon as possible!

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Well, you can contact me through Facebook or Twitter - links at the bottom - but if you want to book me for anything, the best way to do that is through Barclays Beats. These guys are superb to work for and offer the best service around. Norval is the man to speak to!

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